High Council of Orion — Embody Your Gifts

Paul Marwood
4 min readJun 16, 2021

Embodying Your Gifts

Channeled Message from Ascension Guides,
the High Council of Orion
Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood

“Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.

And we welcome you to this timeless space of infinite connection. And it ‘s said that way, “this timeless space of infinite connection”, because so often in the human experience, it’s understood that you can’t be connected until certain circumstances are achieved. Your consciousness has to achieve a certain level. You have to release the ties that bind you from the past, from your childhood, from other times and places, as if you have to clear all these conditions up in order to be worthy or able to get to the level of deep connection that you’re craving.

First and foremost, let’s say that the reason you’re craving it is because it’s already in your field. You’re not going to be craving the things and desiring them and feeling the call of them without them already being in your field, your possibilities of experience, of consciousness, of beingness. And beyond that, it’s an old paradigm that we’re asking you to be open or willing to release quite easily. For in the space that you feel your imperfections, you feel the things that need to be healed, you feel the things that are less-than, you feel that all those have to be resolved in order for any of the good stuff to come to you.

And the reality is, if the good stuff, if all you’re striving for and aspiring to is already within your field, then the idea is, shift your focus. Shift your focus to what is there. And you would say, but I’ve got all this other stuff. Now It’s a perpetration against humanity that started a long, long, long time ago to feel that you were inherently insufficient, inherently broken, inherently not worthy of the gifts; the gifts of your inherent nature.

Yet they’re still there. You’ve been conditioned. Humanity has been conditioned over a very long time to focus solely, exclusively on the insufficiencies. Feeling that that I’ve got to resolve these problems before I get to what I feel drawn to, what I feel called to, what I feel is my highest potential. But again, it’s all in the same field right now. You have it all now. So you’ve been conditioned to look and heal and resolve those quote unquote, imperfect human experiences, energies.

But in the same field are these incredible gifts and all that you’re desiring and all that you’re striving for. And many of the manifestation teachers in your world right now are guiding you in that direction with a focus, using gratitude, using the energies of what is feeling that’s Right. How are you growing? Looking at the positive.

But just as much as over the millennia, you have ignored the part that has already been there, where all those wonderful qualities that you’ve been striving for and desiring are, you’ve ignored those. You didn’t even know that they were in your field available to you, because you felt like you needed to earn your way to be able to receive them. Well, they’re already there. So just like you’ve ignored those, start ignoring the insufficiencies. Start ignoring the places that you feel like, well, these things happened and so therefore I’m broken.

I had these early childhood experiences and they shaped me a particular way, and therefore I’m never going to achieve those things, or karma from other lifetimes is activated in my energy field, therefore, I’m not going to be able to get to all the vibrational goodness that I desire. Start ignoring those. Condition yourself to focus on the things and the areas that are working, where you are growing, where you are changing, where you are releasing. The moments where you are connecting with love and happiness, with peace.

The ways that your actions, your thoughts and your feelings are taking you into a more expanded field. Acknowledge those. Live in those. Celebrate those. Expand that energy field because it is already there. Please release the idea of needing to earn your way to the gifts that you’re desiring, the world that you envision. Look for the evidence of it. Discover it. Find it. Cultivate it. Choose it.

Be willing to discover already in your life all the things that you think you’re waiting for. Find evidence for them now, and release the requirement that you can’t have them until these other things are resolved. And as you look for the greatness, look for the goodness, you’re going to condition yourself in a very positive forward moving energy instead of one that’s always trying to resolve your negative experiences, the contracted energy experiences. And you will see a difference as you change the point of focus with the understanding that it’s already there.

So discover what’s already there, instead of looking for evidence of where it’s not and that energy expands and grows. And have fun, play with this, enjoy it, cut yourself slack if some days aren’t as great as others. You’ll get there. And if you practice this, you will be supporting yourself and getting there even sooner.

Be Blessed.
We are the High Council of Orion.”

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