High Council of Orion — Water Changing Consciousness

High Council of Orion — Water Changing Consciousness

Paul Marwood
6 min readNov 15, 2021

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In this video Holly Hawkins Marwood channels a message from the The High Council of Orion.

Below is the transcript of video above.

The High Council of Orion

August 12th, 2021
Channeled by: Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by: Paul Marwood

Greetings, Dear Ones, We are the High Council of Orion.

We come to you at this time, because there’s so many on the planet who are very concerned about what’s happening globally, and there are many things from a human perspective that are worthy of concern from a human perspective. And what we want to share with you is something that is already known about, but it’s a good reminder at this time. For many of you want to be in positive action and you’re not sure how to do it.

The environment, the collective consciousness has a lot of fear, worry, concern, divisiveness, combativeness in it at this time. And so it’s hard to wade through it to find where you can find that positive place of action, of reaction, and that beautiful space that you hold knowing that, the energy you hold is part of the creative field as part of the creative energy, helping you create the future.

So one of the things each and every one of you can do right now, is work with the energy of the water in your planet. For you know that water is in, on, around the planet, in abundance.

So as you contact, work with, and embody a positive energy that you’re imbuing and sending, and transmitting into the water. Whether you are in a local lake, a stream, sitting on the ocean, or on top of a mountain with the ice. Or whether you’re out in the middle of the desert and no water appears to be present, you can energetically connect with water, because water is still there. Water is everywhere on the planet, and it is networked, it is a collective.

So as you offer to any water, you offer to all water. And because all water is throughout the planet, the energy that you’re imbuing and honoring and offering to the water, makes its way through every little nook and cranny on the planet, and therefore the energetic field. So when one wants to create change and feels helpless. Like all these things that are happening are beyond what you can do.

You can in any given day, moment, week, gathering, come together and work with the energy of water at the highest level. You’ve seen the experiments that have been done with water. You know that water holds consciousness.

So what consciousness would you like on the planet that the water itself can hold for you, and up level in all the places?
Would it be love, peace, understanding, compassion, kindness?
Would it be holding the energy of the next level of possibility of humanity and the planet herself?
Would it be holding an energy of buoyancy and optimism?
What would you wish this beautiful network, energetic and physical network that goes into, through, and around the planet to be holding?

So this isn’t about taking sides in a divisive issue. This is about holding potential that can be imbued and immersed in every single aspect of the planet. So whether you’re holding your glass of water and offering love or peace, harmony, compassion, understanding, kindness, offer it to your water. Knowing that the water that you’re about to drink, or you’re about to use to make your coffee or your tea, or cook your food in, will be moving through your system in that way.

As you work with all of your plants, when you work in your garden, whether you find yourself sitting at the edge of a creek or river, you’re swimming in any body of water, even if it seems to be self-contained, the consciousness of water is all connected.

So if you’re feeling like you want to be a positive contributor to what is possible, moving through these tumultuous times, begin to work with the energy of water. It will allow you to feel and know that you are creating a positive contribution. It will allow you to see and know and create a future that is not being created out of the constricted points of view that are prevalent on the planet.

But moving beyond that, into that field of possibility, that still exists all the time. What is it that you want to create and create with water, create with the consciousness of water that is a network unto itself? And as you work with water, you’re working with the planet. As you work with a planet, you’re working with all living beings in on and around the planet. You’re working with the atmosphere. You’re working with the energies deep inside the earth.

It is a totality.

And so you begin to have that impact that you feel like you’re craving and you desire. Work with the consciousness of water, allow yourself to be uplifted by it. Bless your water, bless all the waters in the world, whether they’re seen, whether they’re known about, whether they’re so infinitesimally small, you know, they’re there. Work with the energy of water and the consciousness to bring what you feel is the next iteration of what’s possible.

Be Blessed, we are the High Council of Orion.

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